Brian Flatgard

I'm pleased to announce the re-release of

The Wind on My Grandmother’s Grave


The Wind on My Grandmother’s Grave

For 20 years, readers have cherished these poems of family, humor, and the cycle of life.

The Wind on My Grandmother’s Grave is a remembrance of growing up in the prairie farmlands of southwest Minnesota, as well as observations from road trips across the American West.

The re-release of these well-loved poems—along with some new writing—will win over a whole new generation to Brian Flatgard’s brand of down-home, evocative, and accessible poetry.

Whether pondering the world’s fleeting moments or exclaiming our common humanity, Flatgard’s poetry invites the reader to travel together on “the web of long roads that connect us all.” 


Upcoming Book

A Final Drive

I'm on the second draft of a memoir about the shared life between me and my father. It's been the hardest and easiest thing I've ever done.